Energy vs. Spirit

This is my story of how I learned to pick locks.

Through my own personal health journey, I ventured into energy medicine, as I innately understood that we needed help staying healthy in this world fraught with sickness and disease. This outlet helped me feel better, so I looked into taking the necessary classes to get certified to do this energy medicine technique on others. And I was good at it. I could get right to what was troubling someone and then obediently follow the techniques I learned to bring them relief. The boundaries of incorporating these techniques into my life didn’t make me question Christianity, as several of the practitioners I met in the training classes were Christians themselves. Some would even pray with me before a session. How comfortable!

But in one of my training classes, I came face-to-face with a demon who manifested during one of my practice sessions. I had scratched the surface of this girl’s emotional problems – and this demon was not happy that I was the one poking around. While I personally already knew the power of Jesus’ name in a demonic situation – I couldn’t reconcile a demon coming up in an energy healing session. What did one have to do with the other?

I paused to desperately ask the instructor, who was keeping his eye on the situation a short distance away, what to do. He stepped in and appeared to continue the energy healing techniques I had started – which only seemed to make the demon angrier. So I reverted to what I knew and trusted – there is nothing more powerful against a demon than the name of Jesus. I stood at the girl’s feet with my hand on her leg while the instructor worked with her.

I said under my breath “In Jesus’ name, I command you to leave” over and over. After four or five repetitions of this – I felt the demon leave her like a gust of wind that traveled from the hand I had on her leg, through my body, and out the other hand. Those in the room saw the gust it had created and resulting look of shock on my face.

The whole event created quite a scene, so the instructor let everyone take a long break for lunch. After I had settled down myself, I asked the instructor if demon manifestation was something that would come up a lot in practicing energy medicine.

He responded, “It depends who you are as a practitioner.” I knew immediately what he meant – my knowledge of my authority in Christ was a large part of my identity at this point in my life, I knew it would keep happening. If it was going to keep coming up – I knew I needed more information.

Amazingly enough, the practitioner I frequented to have sessions done on me, was a Christian who was aware of Curry Blake’s Divine Healing Technician Training®, as he was a guest speaker at her church not long before. She directed me to his website, where Curry had recorded one of his 3-day training sessions. I managed to absorb eighteen hours of video in a single weekend. This was the key, demons were the cause of every sickness and disease, and I only needed to understand my authority in Christ to kick some demon butt.

It took me a while to reconcile divine healing from energy healing – as my path had co-mingled them immediately. A fellow Bible student laid out an analogy for me that settled it once and for all.

He shared, “Imagine you are in a room, filled with sickness and disease. And there is a locked door to a room just on the other side that has complete freedom from all sickness and disease. Energy medicine, if studied enough, is like learning to pick a lock. With the right tools, training, and practice, you likely can pick the lock and get to the room with complete freedom on the other side. It could take years to master the techniques, but you can get there. Or, divine healing is basically having the Holy Spirit knock the door down in one powerful blow. That freedom in the other room can be one puff away.”

That sealed it for me. Who wouldn’t want the power of the Holy Spirit at their disposal? I dropped energy medicine and jumped into divine healing in a big way. What I didn’t realize, is how long these truths had been around. How could I have been going to church every Sunday since birth – and not know about this opportunity to live in divine health? Why was the church hiding this from us?

Jesus’ stories in the Bible were just that – stories taught in Sunday school of the great miracles that the Son of God performed while on the earth. How great it will be to join him in heaven someday! And that is where it stopped – getting my ticket to heaven.

I set out to find a church that was living this out, healing the sick, casting out demons, setting the captives free! And while it has been hard to find, they do exist.

This has been my journey, what got me where I am today – living a simple, yet supernatural life.


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