My God Rocks

Shelly is a special girl; being a preacher’s kid seems to be a big part of her identity. She craves the power of God’s magnificence in her life…begs Him for it through prayer.

“That’s your first problem!” I said to Shelly one day in the office. “Don’t talk to the Father about the problem. Talk to the problem about the Father!”

But good Christians aren’t taught that – not even preacher’s kids.

After catching up after a long weekend, Shelly shared she was fasting to prepare to lay hands on her friend Michael, who was in the early stages of cancer diagnoses. The doctors in Dallas weren’t quite sure how to handle this rare form of cancer they were seeing in him. So Michael had started driving almost four hours each way to a cancer treatment center in Oklahoma.

Before his next doctor visit, Shelly was getting “warriored-up”!

To encourage her, I shared some of my recent examples of laying hands – how we can simply stand on the promise of His word: that if we lay hands, they will recover. Not might recover – but will recover. This promise from Mark 16:18 cannot be broken. God doesn’t break promises.

I got so excited sharing encouragement about laying hands, I said to Shelly “Let’s just do it now! Let’s lay hands on Michael!” I explained she would be the stand-in for Michael – she would put her hands where he needed healing, which we decided was around the liver, rib area on the right side. I asked Shelly to focus on her friend as we prayed.

Without hesitation I began commanding healing of Michael’s liver. After a few minutes of praying I felt pressure in my own body on the same place – my liver was aching – so I didn’t stop. I soon began praying for wisdom to pour into Shelly who was shaking and crying under the power of the prayer.

God had me tell Shelly, “Don’t worry, my child. It is done.” I could see in my mind’s eye Michael’s liver turning from black to pink. Healthy, beautiful pink.

After sharing more tears and excitement that we have such an awesome God, we decided Shelly needed to call Michael and check in. We were pretty sure this prayer had moved mountains!

I attempted to get back to work, but could still feel the pressure on my right side. Not having the patience to wait to hear from Shelly, I headed her way. When she saw me coming, she simply handed me the phone. On the other end, a perfect stranger I had never met.

I asked Michael how he felt and he said the pressure he had been feeling under his ribs for weeks had suddenly gone. While he couldn’t pinpoint when the pain left, he knew exactly where he was just moments before we called. Out of the blue he had to run to the restroom…and I knew…the cancer had left his body!

I asked Michael if he was prepared to stand in his healing and accept that the cancer was gone. This concept was clearly not new to him – as he was already standing in the knowledge that cancer was not God’s best for him. He was fully prepared to tell his doctors he was healed.

Two days later, Shelly called with the amazing news. After the four-hour trek to Oklahoma, Michael arrived at the cancer center, and after some quick diagnostics, they couldn’t find the cancer they had recently diagnosed.

Smile. My God rocks.