Spoons to the Rescue

Every day gives us an opportunity to be used by God. It is not every day I accept the challenge. A million small reasons can get in the way, but public embarrassment is my biggest nemesis. I know that fear is Satan’s attempt to keep me from stepping out in faith and asking someone who needs healing if I can pray for them.

One afternoon, I met my parents in downtown McKinney – a historic shopping and restaurant district equidistant between our two towns – our favorite middle ground. It was Memorial Day, and the restaurant we planned to visit was closed for the holiday. So we meandered over to my next favorite spot – a quaint, but hopping café on the next block called Spoons.

Lots of people had the same idea and patrons were waiting to be seated. We told the hostess we had a party of three, and settled in for the wait in a row of chairs behind the hostess stand. After a couple of minutes this young, seemingly vibrant, hostess plopped into a chair and started adjusting a Velcro brace on her left knee. My dad couldn’t help but ask the young lady why she needed such a brace at her age.

The hostess explained that she was a former gymnast and had injured her knee at one point – cutting her gymnastics career short. Tragic – only Satan steals our dreams from us.

I looked at my dad, a little surprised he didn’t jump at the chance to pray for the pain she was experiencing in her knee – but I also understand the pressure of stepping out in public.

I said, “Sounds like a challenge!” to which he chuckled. More people came in, so the hostess went back to work. Within moments it was our turn to be seated, and I couldn’t believe we would just walk away. I couldn’t let God down and pass this opportunity by.

I told my parents what I wanted to drink and marched right back to the hostess stand. There were very few people around – and I hoped I wouldn’t embarrass the hostess or myself too much.

So I boldly started, “Hi, I’m a Christian, and sometimes when I pray for people, they’re healed. Do you mind if I pray for your knee?”

She smiled with an air of excitement and said, “Yes, of course!”

I laid my hands on her knee with the brace, and told the pain it had to go in Jesus’ name.

“How is the pain now?” I asked.

“It’s still there.”

“Ok, let’s do it again. Pain, right now in Jesus’ name I command you to leave and never return! What about now, how is the pain?”

The hostess said it did seem a little better, and began explaining that she had scoliosis, which is part of the reason her knee bothers her. Trying not be intimidated by the increased scope of her need, I asked to pray for her scoliosis as well. With one hand on her neck and one on her lower back, I commanded the scoliosis to leave and for her spine to come back into alignment with God’s perfect design.

When I paused to check in with her, she placed her hands on her ribs to see if she was realigned. I looked at her curiously and asked, “You can tell about your alignment by holding your ribs?”

“Yes, my ribs are twisted, which is part of the problem.”

At the risk of overstepping, I placed my hands on this sweet girl’s ribs and took my prayer one step further.

“In Jesus’ name, I reclaim the future that God has pre-ordained for this young lady. Everything that Satan has stolen, I command it be returned. Spine, ribs, I command you to back into alignment.”

The hostess seemed so gracious when she placed her hands on her ribs one more time to see if there was movement and said “Maybe I just need to sleep on it, and I will be straight in the morning!”

I agreed with her self-prophesy and thanked her for being so sweet to let me pray for her. I was trying not to lose faith on the way back to my seat.

We ordered. We ate. We visited. We had a very pleasant family meal, and it was almost time to leave. I went to ladies room, still not able to get the hostess off my mind. I didn’t want to accept defeat on her behalf – to be so young and have pain was simply not acceptable!

I stared into the mirror and said, “God, you said that if I lay hands, they will recover! That is a promise in your Word, and I am going to hold you to that promise. I was obedient, I laid hands – therefore I demand in Jesus’ name that she recover this instant!” I repeated these thoughts until I felt certain that God and I had reached an understanding.

As we were leaving the restaurant, the crowd around the hostess stand had grown, and I wasn’t going to bother this poor hostess anymore. Instead, she waved to get my attention.

“Guess what! My knee doesn’t hurt anymore! I was even able to take my brace off!”

“Really?” I asked with excitement!

“Really! Thank you so much!” the hostess said in reply.

To which I responded joyfully “Thank you Jesus!”

The way that God can orchestrate our divine appointments never ceases to amaze me. If the restaurant we intended to visit that day hadn’t been closed, I might never have crossed paths with this Spoons hostess. But God can manage to cross two people’s paths to further His perfect plan for our lives.

We pray to God to heal us, but He told us to heal the sick. He needs us to lay hands, so they will recover. He needs us to be willing to be used every day.

Are you ready?


2 thoughts on “Spoons to the Rescue

  1. Wonderful! May the Lord so strengthen our hearts in his grace that we will always stand and never be moved by being only naturally minded, but see Jesus glorified in every situation! “Strengthened in your innermost being with power by the Holy Spirit.” It is Christ in you the hope of glory!

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  2. Hi, Holly. Beautiful post. I so enjoy reading your stories.  From: “My Simple, yet Supernatural Life” To: cindy.foor@att.net Sent: Friday, September 16, 2016 7:55 PM Subject: [New post] Spoons to the Rescue #yiv3933873175 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3933873175 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3933873175 a.yiv3933873175primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3933873175 a.yiv3933873175primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3933873175 a.yiv3933873175primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3933873175 a.yiv3933873175primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3933873175 WordPress.com | supernaturallifeblog posted: “Every day gives us an opportunity to be used by God. It is not every day I accept the challenge. A million small reasons can get in the way, but public embarrassment is my biggest nemesis. I know that fear is Satan’s attempt to keep me from stepping out i” | |

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