Hearing God’s Voice


Ever since I learned that God’s will for us is divine health, I’ve had a hard time convincing others of this simple truth. That God intends for us to be happy, healthy, and whole all the time. That sickness and disease is not passed out by our heavenly Father – rather by the evil one that intends to steal, kill and destroy all of us.

Shortly after I completed Curry Blake’s Divine Healing Technician Training®, and had a few healing success stories under my belt, I stumbled into an opportunity to connect with a co-worker, Matt, who was previously in ministry.

I couldn’t wait to tell Matt about some of the amazing healing testimonies I had accumulated. I had been sharing with him over the past several months snippets of the healing training I had taken, and of the signs and wonders I had already seen in my life. I thought his starting point, his faith, would be much further along. I thought a former minister would believe my exciting tales. But I was faced with unbelief. Matt admitted that he had never seen anyone walk in healing, or demonstrate the amazing signs and wonders I was speaking of.

Over dinner with Matt I desperately looked around the restaurant for someone who needed a miracle. I thought God would deliver a waiter to me that would be in obvious need of prayer. But to no avail…our strapping young waiter appeared to be in perfect health.

As I continued explaining to Matt how God’s amazing spiritual gifts work, I was amazed at the scriptures that came to my mind, which I was able to share in support of my cause. I hadn’t realized how many scriptures were buried in my heart that were delivered in perfect timing with my tale.

At one point in the conversation I motioned to the next table over and the lady sitting about 6-feet away caught my eye. It was at this moment, the conversation with the Holy Spirit started in my head. God was showing me with His eye, where my miracle in the room could be found – a short 6-feet away. God was asking me to be obedient and go pray for the lady who was enjoying dinner with her husband.

But to simply offer to pray for the lady wasn’t enough. In my mind, I told God “That’s not enough. If I’m meant to pray for that lady, you have to tell me specifically what to pray for.”

And louder and clearer than I could have hoped, God whispered “Carpal Tunnel.”

“Really?” I asked. “That simple? Carpal Tunnel.” Okay, I had my orders. But in my doubts, I played out the conversation in my mind with the lady, in the event she didn’t have Carpal Tunnel. If she says this, I will say that. Woe is me of little faith.

My dinner with Matt was coming to a close, our bill was paid and I was running out of time. I decided obedience had to prevail; I knew God would reward that even if a miracle didn’t follow. I asked Matt to wait a moment – I needed to pray for the lady at the next table over.

I crossed the 6-foot span to the table and approached the lady, “Excuse me, I hate to interrupt your dinner, but I have to ask if you have Carpal Tunnel?”

To my amazement, she said, “Why, yes, I do!” and as her eyes met mine they were as big as quarters.

I followed up by nervously saying, “Well, I am a Christian, and God told me to come over and pray for your Carpal Tunnel. So if you didn’t have it…well, it was a risk.” I smiled and continued, “Do you mind if I pray for you?”

“Of course!” she said and we joined hands as if on cue. Unlike most I pray for, she kept her eyes wide open with curiosity. I prayed a quick prayer, then paused and asked her how she felt.

“You’re shaking” she noticed.

“It’s just the Holy Spirit,” I smiled, “that means its working!”

She explained her wrists only hurt when she reads a book, or does activity for a period of time. I confirmed for her she was healed, that it wouldn’t be a problem for her anymore.

I said “God bless you” and walked back towards Matt, who had inched his way as close to the table as possible trying to take it in.

I knew in that moment, everything about that experience was for him. Matt needed to see it in action. A simple prayer offered in obedience to a stranger in a restaurant will change his life.

Are you up for miracles in your lives, my friends?


2 thoughts on “Hearing God’s Voice

  1. Super! It’s wonderful when the Holy Spirit revealed what people need to us. It’s cool to hear the stories of other believers who are becoming aware of how the Holy Spirit is always ready to move and just waiting for us to step out!


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